What I am doing.

Each week I will take the reading for that Sunday Mass and base my art  journaling on it. I also belong to a faith sharing group (even though I live 100 miles away from them) where we also base our study on the reading for that weeks Sunday Mass and we pick a word (out of a hat so to say, meaning we don’t know what the word will be, we leave that up to the Holy Spirit) which we use to reflect on though out our week and how that applies to our relationship with God and discuss it the next week. So you will see that word somewhere on my completed page. So each Thursday I will get my word, study the scripture for the following Sunday mass and attend mass and listen to the homily and then on Monday begin my journaling and publish it here on Wednesday mornings

I will be using the monthly magazine from EWTN, “The Word among us” to get my readings from and will use  EWTN as a resource for any additional material they may have. There are so many resources on the internet that are wonderful however I know that what EWTN publishes is authentic Catholic teaching. It may be a resource for you also.

I will be doing my art work either directly onto the pages of a bible I have selected or on vellum which you can get at any stationary, hobby, art store in your area. I will  have pictures of my work and attempt to show you thru pictures the process and materials I used to create each page. Perhaps at some later day I will add video but at this time I have never done anything like that.

So if you are Catholic (or not) and love art and journaling I hope you will come along with me on my journey. Please comment, add your own pictures and participate. I feel that it is the process of studying scripture and expressing that visually with  art work is the purpose here. The few pages I have done already have made me feel my relationship with our Lord is growing, and hope you will feel the same.

See you next Wednesday!


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