Week 6 Bible Art Journal

Hi, it’s week 6 and the time does fly by. I am so glad that you have come I hope you had a chance to do your own art and some scripture study.

Week 6 Freedom

This was a quiet and slow week for me, I was able to study this scripture quite a bit. All of the readings this week have to do with followers making a choice to follow.  I saw in this weeks study that I am making choices each day how to observe the traditions of the catholic faith. There are so many different prayers to pray, to say it simply. Yes, Sunday mass is a must, but can I manage to make it to church every day during the week. Can I observe all of the things requested by Jesus and Mary, to the saints? First Fridays and first Saturdays. Can I fulfill all of the requirements of the Brown Scapular? Yes, we make choices daily, on how we observe our faith. These are the things that have come up for me this week and it’s is not the first time. God is so loving to me, he gives me all the time I need, and the freedom to choose for myself.

Funny my word for this week was Freedom which fit perfectly in my life and study this week.

I invite you to comment and start your own bible art journal, you can post your pictures here and tell me your story, I would love it if you were to share. I look forward to seeing you next week. God bless you.


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