Week 5 Bible Art Journal

The Truth in Mary
The Truth in Mary

Welcome, I am glad you came to visit today. This past week has been so full for me, I have studied so much on truth since that was my word for the week and Mary, two of the scripture readings are about her. I also thought about Mary and how she has made a difference in my life.

So what about all the things we believe that are not written in scripture? Mary, she is not mentioned that much in the bible (nativity, crucifixion and revelations). Do we believe the facts of Fatima? It happened and 70 thousand people saw the miracle. But what do we do with that information? This has been my study, the truth about Mary the part that she has in our world. I found a ton of information about her. I think it is Mary who brought me to our Lord, the rosary in particular. I have a great love admiration for Our Lady and I say the rosary and pray to her for her intercession daily.

My art work this week was done with markers, water based, so I could blend them with my aqua pen like a water-color painting. I really enjoyed it, and it only took me about 2 hours. I am very happy with it.

I invite you to create you own art journal while studying scripture, and share it with me here. This has been such a wonderful experience for me. Thank you, please come back I look forward to seeing you next week.


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