Week 3 Journal Page

Week 3 art
Week 3 art

A happy Wednesday to you, glad you came by to see my page for this week. I had a lot of fun working on this page, I used colored pencils in the bible and tip-in, that is attached on the top of the bible page. My word for the week was integrity and after using the dictionary to get the definition I felt the need to incorporate the definition in my art work so that is what the tip in is showing, the different words in the definition. Also a statement about how the Lord is working in my life this past week. On the bible page I drew a piece of communion, being a catholic I know that going to mass and receiving the body and blood of our Lord is so important, it builds in me a connection to him. Through faith, which he gives me, his integrity, which he shares with me and communion, I receive him, in these ways I am constantly receiving his grace which brings me into a closer relationship with him. This art journal in my bible has made that so evident to me and I am so happy to be doing it. I invite you to find your own way to study scripture, and if art journaling is the way for you, please share that with me. Have a great week and I look forward to seeing  you next week.


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