Week 3 Art Journal Page

week3biblejourna 001   Faith

John 6:1-15, here is a place where Jesus shows his complete faith in God, he doesn’t talk about it he just acts on it, now how do we do that? I have to say that for me in the last few weeks my faith has grown stronger and richer, how did that happen? I have changed my daily activities to include more time with the Lord, I pray frequently both the Rosary and spontaneously. When we pray we receive Gods grace, our catholic faith teaches us that the grace of God is him giving a little (or a lot) of himself to us. So by praying we receive a part of God that increases within ourselves, it is not something we get by ourselves it is given to us by him. This in turn is how I feel my faith has increased lately, by increasing my prayer time I have deepened my relationship with him and he has given me part of himself which has increased my faith in him. I hope that makes sense, it took me awhile to put it into words.

To the dictionary for the definition;  Faith : complete trust or confidence of something.

Well, thank you for stopping by I hope your week is going well and that you have time to do art and pray!



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