This weeks Post is on Mark 6:34

I told you last week I would be showing you this morning my completed artwork in my bible, so here it is.

blogpics 005

In my last post I said that I would be painting in the negative, well that isn’t what happened. Funny how when being artistic your mind changes, as did this page, in the middle of working it I changed my plan entirely. I first drew this in water color pencil and then finished it with water-color. I enjoyed letting the drawing lead me through the feelings that our lord might have had seeing this crowd and deciding to humor them and give them what they wanted, his teaching. I find that when I study scripture I do the same thing, humor myself by following wherever the holy spirit leads me, I guess this is the real reason for starting this blog.

This process of creating art in my bible is a search for me to link my life in the present to God. This week in reflection I found that I do adapt or accommodate my self in many ways just as  Jesus did in this reading from Mark 6:34. First I have to make a priority of spending time with God, prayer, and study of scripture. At times this is a daunting task, going to mass daily is difficult for me but I found that I can use media to watch mass on TV or say the rosary with what is scheduled on TV. I have had to create a schedule of my daily activities to accomplish all that I want to include in my day but I must tell you that it is well worth it since the results of following my schedule keeps me so much with the lord in the for front of my mind is very fulfilling. I encourage you to find time to spend with the lord in any way that leaves you fulfilled in your life.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you later this week when I get my word for next week. Have a great day!


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