Preparing my bible to do the my art journaling

Today I am preparing my bible to do my art journaling.

What I am doing is giving my pages two coats of clear gesso and a quick sanding using a nail file to keep the surface from being gritty.This allows me to water-color without damaging the pages or allowing the paint to seep thru to the other side of the page.

I am going to journal on the Gospel reading for the 16th Sunday of Ordinary time, July 19,2015. I will be journaling on the pages that hold Mark 6:30-34, my work will depict the last line in the reading where Jesus steps out of the boat and sees the crowds gathering wanting him to teach them. It was not his intention to teach at this time he was wanting to spend some relaxing time with his apostles, and since my word for the week is humor and I am using the definition of adapt or accommodate, this will show how he chose to do that.

I am going to paint using water-color and I will attempt to paint the negative space to create my painting. This is a new technique for me and I am excited to be doing it. Wish me luck. See you tomorrow.


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